Friday, February 12, 2010

What the Hell Am I Gonna Wear?

 So while arbitrary product placement really isn't my thing, it's quite fortunate I know some great people in the business. Seminal case-in-point, designer Nick Alan. Equal parts hipster and Savile Row, Alan's sartorial avatar is cooly smoking a cigarette outside of Gieves & Hawkes at any given moment.  Slick tailoring with an organic edge that resolutely forbids any potential stuffiness, the collection is as lambent as the designer himself (and quite a looker as well). But seeing as how, lately, my accessories compass has been pointing toward the west side's greasy factories and away from Barney's, it's Alan's pendulum necklace I'm all about. Industrial never actually went away, so let's hope the pendulum necklace--accompanied by the rest of the designer's line, goes in the opposite direction and inhabits a good 1/16 of the Co-op's floor.

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